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  • How to make home made nougat

    Pistachios and honey

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  • I have to admit, I was never a fan of nougat, I always had an issue with my tooth after eating it, but then I moved to France and I tried the real nougat, the classic nougat in France is from Montelimar, but of course every country has their own version of it, like Spanish turron or Italian turrone. And now for sure, I understand all the fuzz about it, in Europe, it just has the perfect texture and chewiness.

    I have to say it is not the easiest recipe because you have to keep an eye on two mixes at the same time and watch out for the temperatures, so you definitely are going to need a candy thermometer and a stand mixer, or even a handy helper to make this recipe.

    Nougat or turrón like Spanish call it is a classic in Europe for Christmas time, it is perfect to eat it under the tree, while it is snowing outside. Now I absolutely love it so I decided to make my own recipe. This recipe holds for a long time actually, so it is perfect to give a gift on any occasion. I wrapped it in baking paper and everyone was so delighted and full of delicious nougat in their teeth, but don’t worry because this nougat is cavity free.

    The temperature in which we cook the sugar is what makes a big difference in the texture and chewiness, if we want a really soft one we need to cook it in between 120ºC and 150ºC (248ºF- 302ºF) and if you want a harder one it is in between 165ºC and 170ºC (329ºF- 338ºF)

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    ¿Quieres tener algunas de mis recetas a mano?

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    Home made nougat

    Preparation time: 1 hour plus resting time
    Servings: 10 medium nougats


    • 35 g egg whites
    • 15 g caster sugar #1
    • 170 g honey
    • 200 g caster sugar #2
    • 80 g glucose syrup
    • 50 g water
    • 320 g pistachios or a mix of dried fruits
    • Icing sugar and cornflour to dust on top


    1. If we are using nuts (not pistachios) toast them in the oven for 12 minutes at 180ºC  (356ºF) I recommend to not toast pistachios.
    2. Do a meringue whipping the eff whites and add little by little sugar #1
    3. In a pan mix sugar #2, glucose syrup and water, heat up until it reaches 150ºC (302ºF) it depends on the texture we want it, in the meanwhile heat up the honey to 120ºC (248ºF)
    4. Once honey reaches 120ºC (248ºF) add little by little to the meringue reducing the speed buy always whipping.
    5. Change the whisk to a flat beater and keep mixing until it starts to dry out.
    6. Add the pistachios and put the mix in a silicon mat with baking paper on top, let it dry the whole night.
    7. Using a knive with neutral oil we can cut it and put icing sugar and cornflour on top
    8. It can keep wrapped in baking paper for two weeks.



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